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SCHEMA Custom Web Site Design FAQs

click to expand What is your general website design turn-around time?
click to expand What are your payment options?
click to expand Do you help businesses nationwide or local?
click to expand Do you host websites?
click to expand Can you create a complete branding package?
click to expand What kind of businesses do you design For?
click to expand Why would our business benefit from working with SCHEMA?
click to expand How do we get ready for SCHEMA to build us a website?
click to expand What does it cost?
click to expand Do you offer pro bono work?
click to expand Once it is built, then what do we do?
click to expand Once it is built, who maintains it when we need changes?
click to expand Does our website need to follow the new 2004 Privacy Policy Legislation?
click to expand What does a 'Theme Driven website Design' mean?


Steps to Website Success