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5 Reasons Why You Need Our Web Services

SCHEMA has identified 5 key reasons why our website design services are called upon and we are contacted or recommended by others:

  • Your competition has a website - and you do not. These days, you cannot afford to NOT have a website as it handles the advertising and business for you 24 hours a day / 7 days a week - even when you are not open for business or are busy.
  • The company that built and maintained your site went out of business. The larger web shops that built many of today's sites are no longer around to service and maintain them, leaving many site owners in a bind.
  • You are not satisfied with your current design company and their slow service. We know that you want quick turn-around, and that is one of our key strengths. SCHEMA handles it in hours & days, not weeks & months.
  • Your site is dated and does not adequately convey your evolving business message. Viewers know that a boring, incomplete, unprofessional website might indicate something about the business' practices. Let SCHEMA redesign it.
  • You are just starting up your business and do not have a site; yet you and your customers want/need your business accessible on the web. People want to be able to research your business on their own time from the comfort of their environment. There is no better way to achieve this than with a custom built website.


We Save You Time & Money