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Why Your Business Needs A Professional Website

The Internet is the fastest growing form of communications, advertising and product support – nearly 85 million adults in the US alone use the Internet to research topics, locate items, get product support, compare prices and to buy products and services; all in the convenience of their own home or business and on their own time.¥

Web Site FAQs

(1) The Internet, dollar per dollar, is proven to be the MOST cost-effective promotional, informational and advertising vehicle for your product or service: At current prices versus return on investment, it is very affordable to have a professional and custom website developed and maintained. A simple comparison yields that a website is considerably less expensive than a Yellow Pages ad, less expensive than developing and printing brochures and catalogs, less expensive than staffing phones and stuffing envelopes.

(2) Your competitor has a website - and you do not. Why?: Millions of people worldwide are using the Internet as a substitute for the Yellow Pages or any other form of tracking down information they need. Due to the size of the Internet, one can find what one is looking for over 98% of the time. Millions of businesses are on the Internet and are receiving inquiries. Your competitors are on the Internet. If you aren't on the web, you will not be found - and this can cause business losses. Forrester Research studies indicate the small businesses with a website have grown 46% faster than those without.

(3) You can sell your product to a wider audience including an international audience or a non-mobile audience: A website introduces your business, product or service to a national and international audience without the expense needed to create a presence internationally. Same with those that are not mobile. You can display all your products and services easily as you have as much room as you need. You can take orders directly over the Internet or provide services and answer inquiries.

(4) A website can increase your customer service and improve your customer relations: One of the key benefits of a website is that your customers and prospective customers can educate themselves and contact you - even if you are not available.You can respond to their needs without having to drive to their location or have the business open.Further, your website can survey prospective customer so that you can learn what they are looking for. In addition, you can provide all customer services related forms and directions and FAQs on the web so that they are accessible right when the customer needs them - not when you open again on Monday morning. This makes customers happy.

(5) Anymore, potential customers EXPECT to find you on the Internet - regardless of what your business is: As more and more people (adults, kids, seniors, students, professionals, businesses) are using the web, and it's affordability and usefulness to virtually all types of businesses, they are expecting to find the reliable and professional businesses on the Internet. They know that going to a website will give them much more information about a business than they can get in the Yellow Pages or from an expensive yearly, monthly, or weekly ad.

(6) Increase your public relations efforts without the expense: The marketing power of a website is that it can tell your full story - non-edited as you create it.In addition, you have no limitations on ad or display space you can have as much space as you need to get the message across and display all your products in brilliant color without costly color premiums.

(7) A website can supply you with qualified sales leads: A well-designed website can interact with your prospective customers. The customers can be encouraged to leave their contact information along with a description of exactly what they are looking for. You can even add incentives from time to time (e.g., specials, discounts, etc.) for web prospects that have been proven to increase dramatically the number of responses you receive. This is an ideal form of sales lead generation.

(8) A website extends your business hours to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - without you having to be there: Your website is always open without you having to be there. Thus, local or non-local, national or international customers can learn about your service or product any time, in their comfort, even if you are not open for business or in their location or country.

(9) A website allows instant and timely changes to product and support information: A website allows you to add, subtract, change, alter, fix, correct, modify, and update product or service information in a matter of minutes or hours - thus, customers will see it the moment it is updated. This is not the case for costly print and display ads that are printed in magazines and papers. The lag time between updates and product changes and customer having access to them is negligible compared to other forms of marketing.

(10) A website is a great business equalizer: A quality, custom and professional website can make your business look as big as any other business.No one has to know that you are working out of your home or have only one small office with 1-3 employees.A well-designed website will equalize your opportunity for success regardless of the size of your business. This puts you on par with larger businesses in the same market.

(11) Save SIGNIFICANT costs in selling, marketing, and supporting (i.e., customer service) over the Internet: A website allows you to distribute sales literature, catalogs, or brochures all electronically. This mitigates design, development, printing, and expensive mailing costs. Further updates are instantly accomplished and without the high costs associated with redesigns and reprinting or the lengthy delays. As important, you can save money on the need to have extra staff in-house answering phones (and mail) when all the details and support literature (manuals, directions, notes, pictures, steps, etc.) are available on your website.... at the click of a button!



Fast Facts

¥ Forrester Research 2001-02. * Goldman Sachs, Harris Interactive & Nielsen Netratings and Pew Internet and American Life Project as reported by MSNBC 2003-04. ^ Commerce Dept 2003. '